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WordPress Website Migration Service

What is a WordPress Website Migration Service?

A WordPress website migration service involves transferring an existing WordPress website from one hosting provider or server to another. This process can be complex, but our developers have years of experience to help you. 

How do we migrate your website?

Our team of top developers are just a tap away to support your website migration. Every WordPress issue or task we undertake is handled by an experienced WordPress expert. If you are unsure if we can fix your issue or not then please get in touch.

What we can support

Why choose us?

How does it work?

We offer both one-time and ongoing website technical support and WordPress maintenance. Never have a WordPress issue again.

Register your website

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Request fixes or changes

Request website fixes or changes, our WordPress experts will help you.

We do the rest

We will work on your website task and let you know once we are complete. 

Why should you use a WordPress support team to migrate your website?

WordPress website migration service can save you time and hassle by handling the technical aspects of moving your website to a new server. It’s particularly useful if you’re not comfortable with the technical details of WordPress or if you’re dealing with a particularly complex migration.

Using a professional WordPress website migration service offers several benefits over attempting a DIY migration. These services provide expertise and experience, saving you time and effort while mitigating risks associated with data loss or corruption. Professional migration services handle the technical complexities of server configurations and database management, ensuring a smooth transition. Additionally, they offer post-migration support to address any issues promptly. While there may be a cost involved, the convenience, peace of mind, and efficient handling of the migration process make it a worthwhile investment.

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"From start to finish, the experience was top-notch. The team is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they were able to quickly understand my needs and provide effective solutions."

WordPress Maintenance Packages

Your website represents a large investment in time, energy, and resources and is well worth protecting.

One-off Task


per task

A single fix or change, examples include:
Unlimited single fix bugs & errors are included in both Essential and Fully Managed maintenance plans.




per month

Fully Managed


per month

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started?

Follow our easy sign up process to get your website protected. 

Is there a minimum subscription period?

There is no minimum subscription period. You can cancel anytime. Payments are made for the period of subscription and can be cancelled at any time leading up to the renewal date. We do not refund for early cancellation. 

For one-off tasks no subscription is required. 

Will you ensure my site is secure and up to date?

We do a full audit of every site that moves to us, noting how it works so that we can fix things should they go wrong. During this audit we will discover any vulnerabilities your site may have and fix them.

If you are running software that is out of date, we will bring it all up to date and keep it updated every month.

Can custom tasks be requested?

Yes. As long as the work doesn’t involve custom design or additional feature development, and can be done in under two hours, we should be able to do it. Tasks are limited to one at a time basis.

Our support does not cover third-party features or functions. If you need additional website upgrades we will be happy to provide you with an estimate.

What's not included?

Our Website Care plans cover a lot, but we cannot support third-party services, additional features development or custom design creation.